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Developmental & Long-Term Effects to the Brain

2.5 min. Harvard Review Clarification
Excerpt from
12 min Fluoride 101 video 

Note: the short video clarifying the 2012 Harvard Review was made prior to the 2014 Lancet Medical Journal article co-authored by the Harvard Review senior scientist as well as the 2014 & current 2017 - 2019 Canadian Neurodevelopmental Impact Study. 

In the 2nd video, Dr. Howard, describes his concerns regarding infant exposure to fluoride & the 28 min video below presents an overview of research looking at fluoride's neurotoxicity which has become one of the most active areas in fluoride research. Yet, you'd have no idea when listening to certain dental & public health associations promoting water fluoridation. 

28 minutes Fluoride and the Brain 

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