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Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

From here you can link to a document from the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) with a link to the original web page & highlighted text demonstrating how the CDC basically covers their butt from any liability in the event that babies fed formula mixed with fluoridated water end up developing dental fluorosis.



At the end of the CDC document is a note from Citizens for Safe Water specifying that even though the CDC and Health Canada claim that significant degrees of dental fluorosis occur in less than 5% of the population, two of the most rigorous systematic reviews on the effects of water fluoridation (year 2000 York Review & year 2015 Cochrane Review) found that the degrees of dental fluorosis characterized by permanent staining to more than 50% of the teeth surfaces & considered to be more than a minor cosmetic effect develops in 12% of kids growing up in fluoridated regions.The Cochrane review went on to say that 40% of the children growing up in fluoridated regions will develop mild degrees of fluorosis, & contrary to what some uninformed dentists claim, published research indicates that the areas of enamel on fluorosis teeth are more weak and prone to flaking.

The Icon Links also Include:

  • three page document titled Fluoridated H2O & Baby Formula Calculations showing, on page 1, how babies fed formula mixed with fluoridated water receive daily amounts of fluoride that exceed the Canadian Dental Association’s daily safe limits, and far surpass amounts of fluoride found in breast milk. Pages 2 and 3 of this doc provide the formulas, and references needed for making the calculations on page 1.

  • A letter from the chair of the advisory panel for the year 2000 British York Review followed by the complete review which at the time was considered the most rigorous and respected scientific review on the effects of water fluoridation.

  • A summary of the year 2015 Cochrane review on the effects of water fluoridation.

    Note: The Cochrane Review, the year 2000 York Review, and the 2006 US National Academies of Sciences, National Research Council's, 3.5 year review are the only independent systematic reviews ever done on the scientific research looking at the effects of fluoride in drinking water which makes these reviews the most rigorous & least biased. Further descriptions about systematic reviews are offered in the Making Sense of the Science webpage.

What is Dental Fluorosis
Moderate Fluorosis
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