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Interviews & statements from dentists explaining how they came to disagree with water fluoridation.

Dr. Hardy Limeback, PhD, retired in 2014 as the Head of  U of T's
Preventative Dentistry Program

Fluoride 101 with  Dentist,
Dr. Jay Levy DDS

French Interview with NB Dentist

Dr. Roger Richard, DDS, MSc.

Dr. Bill Osmunson, DDS, Masters in Public Health, Promoted fluoridation for 25 Years until he studied the data.

Dr. Andrew Harms,
Former President of the
Australian Dental Association

Dr. John Colquhoun,
Promoted Fluoridation Internationally
 Until he studied the data.

Interview with Dentist,
Dr. David Biles, DDS

Dr Hisham Abdalla speaks about the issue of water fluoridation.

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