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Rising tooth decay has also been observed in the following regions which happen to all be fluoridated: Edmonton, regions in Ontario, Kentucky (98% fluoridated), and Ireland (70% fluoridated)

Of course, without valid statistical data, it's impossible to say with certainty whether tooth decay in Moncton has actually been rising, but
chances are likely that tooth decay is rising here & may very well have started rising around 2009 as has turned out to be the case in Calgary confirmed by data from Alberta Health services. 

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This is how non fluoridated often have less communities throughout non fluoridated Europe & BC have less tooth decay than fluoridated regions

Programs and resources like the Child Smile Program is how communities throughout non fluoridated Europe & BC have less tooth decay than fluoridated regions.

Conventionally grown foods and processed foods and drinks contain increased fluoride due to:

The widespread use of fluoridated pesticides 

The processing of foods and drinks with fluoridated water in fluoridated regions

The widespread use of phosphate fertilizer

The videos and icon links from this page provide the most recent and least biased published research demonstrating that fluoride at common North American exposure rates, is capable of contributing to cognitive deficiencies.

Smart Phones:  Scroll Down 2nd Video


For example, while the NB Dental Society pay for billboards and newspaper ads claiming that fluoridated water is beneficial for everyone, the National Institute of Health (NIH) is currently funding the largest & and most rigorous study to date to determine if prenatal & childhood exposure to fluoride impact learning disabilities & behavioural problems in young Canadian Children ( MUST READ).




Proper safety studies start with animal studies & finish with double blind human randomized control studies.

If a representative of a dental or public health association ever tells you that proper safety studies exist,simply ask them to send a tor Double Blind Placebo Control Randomized trialstudyone double blind randomized human control trial on the long term effects of fluoridated water.




Inconsistencies & Contradictions

You don't need to be an expert on fluoridation to consider that public water is not an ethical way of delivering a drug. Not only is there no way to control dosage, but adding any medicinal treatment to water denies people their right of consent. since everyone drinks & cooks with different amounts of water. No drug or vitamin can safely be added to public water, not vitamin D, not heart medication and certainly not a drug as controversial as fluoride.






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