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Long Term Effects on the Thyroid Gland 

If short on time, watch first 5 minutes
Thyroid Expert Dr. Richard Shames

2 minutes various experts
 Fluoride & Thyroid Gland 

The videos and icon links from this page present some of the most relevant, verifiable and least biased evidence that fluoride ions, at exposure levels common throughout North America, are capable of lowering thyroid function.

The first video with Dr. Shames is particularly insightful. If you are pressed for time, just watch the first 5 minutes. We've also included a thoroughly documented letter sent to the American Thyroid Association co-authored by Dr. Shames.

The icon links give you access to supporting documentation that all speak for itself.

As with most sections of this website, much more research is available..

We hope you will look through the various supporting documentation, and in particular, Dr. Kathleen Thiessen's credentials and her interview as Dr. Thiessen is exceptionally qualified to be commenting about the risks of fluoridated water and fluoride's effects on the thyroid gland, endocrine system, and health in general.

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