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Citizens for Safe Water Metro Moncton are dedicated to working with City Officials and Qualified Experts to ensure that our water is the SAFEST POSSIBLE given our available resources.

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All content of this website has been vetted by local PhDs in Biochemistry & Chemistry, a former dean of Science from U de M, two local pharmacists, & PhDs in Toxicology, Biochemistry, Chemistry & other related fields from across Canada & the US.

Two of these researchers took part in the National Academies of Sciences' National Research Council's (NRC) 3.5 year 
Systematic Review on the effects of fluoride in drinking water. The NRC review along with the year 2000 York Review & year 2015 Cochrane Review are the only comprehensive systematic reviews ever conducted on the effects of fluoride in drinking water.

Links to sources for any statements or claims offered on all webpages are provided as blue links within text or icon links on the side or bottom of each webpage.

Our goal is to provide the most relevant, verifiable and least biased data on the long term effects of fluoride.

For glyphosate spraying issue near our water reservoir, click here.

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