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Effects on bones and skeletal connective tissue 

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Arthritis Symptoms are the Same as Stage II Skeletal Fluorosis Symptoms 

Do we know with absolute certainty that the bones and skeletal connective tissues of everyone significantly exposed to fluoridated water will be measurably damaged in the long term? No. 

Do we know with absolute certainty that significant exposure to fluoridated water is 100% safe for the bones and skeletal connective tissue for every person in an exposed population? No.

The main reasons we can not say with absolute certainty that fluoridated water is safe are:
1. The proper safety studies have never been done
2. People are now absorbing fluoride from many sources such as conventionally grown and 
especially processed foods and drinks, fluoridated toothpastes, mouthwashes and other dental products.
Because of all these other sources of fluoride, unlike in the 1950s & 60s, fluoridated water now adds to people's overall fluoride levels which according published research is often too high even in regions with low levels of fluoride in their water.

As far as fluoride's capacity for adversely affecting bones and connective tissues, here's what we do know:

1. The bones are the body's greatest depository for fluoride; absorbing it quickly and releasing it slowly during bone remodelling. (page 133 2006 NRC Review).

2. In areas of the world where geological activity has resulted in high levels of fluoride in drinking water, crippling levels of Stage III Skeletal Fluorosis are common.
Stage III Skeletal Fluorosis is characterized by deformed bones and seized joints.

3. Fluoridated water increases fluoride in bone with age (even at levels around 0.7 to 1.0 ppm). 
(chapter 5, page 133, 2006 NRC Review).


4. The more fluoride in bone, the more brittle bone gets and the more readily it fractures.
(chapter 5, pages 143-170, 2006 NRC Review)


5. The more fluoride in the bone, the more that fluoride ions can negatively affect bone cells (e.g. immune cells)
(chapter 9, pages 293 - 302, 2006 NRC Review)


6. When bone with elevated levels of fluoride turns over (breaks down), all bone cells, including cells responsible for the immune system, are exposed to elevated levels of fluoride, which has been shown in some studies to have a negative effect.
(chapter 5, page 133, 2006 NRC Review).
(chapter 9, pages 293 - 302, 2006 NRC Review)

Along with the year 2000 York Review, the 2006 NRC Review is considered to be the most thorough and respected scientific review that looked at the adverse chronic effects of fluoride in drinking water. Water fluoridation defenders often claim that the NRC review only looked at the effects of natural levels of fluoride in drinking water that surpass 2mg / L, but all anyone needs to do is read the 2006 NRC review for themselves to see that throughout the review, studies looking at the adverse effects of artificially fluoridated water were assessed.

SInce the 2006 NRC review, the majority of studies looking at fluoridated water's chronic adverse effects have focussed on
fluoride's neurotoxic effects, but there have been some published studies looking at the effects on other organs, glands and tissues including bones and joints. 

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