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1:54 minutes Dental Fluorosis
Overdosed: Dental Fluorosis 
Children develop Dental Fluorosis by ingesting too much fluoride between 0 & 8 years of age. It doesn't matter if the fluoride comes from foods & drinks due to pesticides or processing, or toothpaste, or fluoridated water etc.  
Videos & Icon Links on this page describe the various degrees of dental fluorosis, how enamel is weakened by this condition, and inconsistencies from the dental and public health associations that promote water fluoridation.
Additional Information
The only 2 independent systematic reviews that reviewed all of the published research on dental fluorosis in relation to fluoridated water are the year 2000 York Review & the 2015 Cochrane Review.
Both concluded that in fluoridated regions, dental fluorosis occurs at rates & degrees that are higher than what dental & public health associations commonly claim. Cochrane specified that 12% of children growing up in a fluoridated region would develop moderate levels of dental fluorosis characterized by permanent staining to more than 50% of the teeth’s surfaces. 4 published studies also found that fluorosis weakens teeth enamel by rendering areas of enamel more prone to flaking. Cosmetic dental work to cover up the permanent staining caused by fluorosis general starts at $3000.00.
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