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History & Politics of Fluoridation in Metro Moncton 
In the late 1960s, Moncton began adding industrial grade fluoridation chemicals to the public water.

In 2011, citizens and academic researchers from UdeM and universities across the country provided city councillors in Moncton and Dieppe with published scientific data indicating that fluoridating public water is medically unethical, and can contribute to various adverse chronic health conditions.

After 9 months of researching the issue, Moncton and Dieppe City Councils voted to stop fluoridating the public water. DVD footage of these council meeting are available and show most councillors indicating that ethics and safety concerns were how the came to their decision.

The official Moncton resolution stated that fluoridation would cease for a period of 5 years during which time council requested that the NB Dental Society or NB Health provide valid statistical data about tooth decay rates in both fluoridated and non fluoridated regions in NB.

In September of 2016, rather than provide the data that had been requested, the NB Dental Society launched an extensive media campaign claiming that tooth decay had increased in Moncton due to a lack of fluoride in public water. These claims are not supported by any valid statistical data. In other words, we do not know if tooth decay has truly increased and if it has, we do not know if it is due to a lack of fluoride or increased consumption of sugar which is why tooth decay rates are rising in many fluoridated regions such as Ireland, Ontario, and Kentucky.

On January 30, 2017, the city of Moncton, held a 3 hour public meeting to hear from Fluoridation Promoters and Safe Water Promoters. 

On February 27, 2017, Moncton City Council decided to wait till September 18th before rendering a decision on this matter

Note: St. John, stopped fluoridating in 2014 and Fredericton has never fluoridated their water.

See Learn More section to access the most reputable, verifiable & least biased data on just any aspect of this issue such as:

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