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From this page the Icon Links lead to some of the most relevant, verifiable and least biased research demonstrating how fluoride ions, at exposure rates common throughout North America, can bio accumulate & have long term adverse effects on various tissues, glands, & organs.

Chronic Adverse Effects

12 minute video

In addition to the questionable ethics of adding a drug to public water, fluoride’s capacity for chronic adverse effects is at the heart of the water fluoridation debate.

North American Dental & Public Health Associations admit that at certain rates of exposure, fluoride can cause acute adverse health effects to the brain, thyroid gland, stomach, kidneys, skeletal connective tissue, bones, as well as the colour, strength and shape of teeth.

The 60 year fluoridation debate is not about fluoride’s capacity for acute adverse effects. The debate is about fluoride’s capacity for chronic (long term) adverse effects.

In other words the debate is about how little daily exposure to fluoride can cause or contribute to chronic (long term) adverse health effects. 

Educated safe water advocates who oppose public water fluoridation point out that:

  • People of sound mind have the right to choose which drugs they & their children will use. The right to choose is especially important when it comes to controversial drugs & medical interventions.
    ***Note: many people choose to not even use fluoridated toothpaste which exposes people to less fluoride than fluoridated water.
    ***Even school fluoride rinse programs require parents to give their consent before their child participates. School fluoride rinses also monitor dosage & because the rinse is spat out children are exposed to less fluoride than daily consumption of fluoridated water.

  • Even if fluoride's effects weren't controversial, adding any drug to public water does not allow for dosage control or the right to consent.

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